NEWS:Credence BtK scaffold can prevent re-stenosis

Posted by:info on 2018-06-27 Wed


Stents are the mainstay of endovascular revascularization in peripheral interventions, but metal in stents can cause re-occlusions to occur in the long run. One answer is to use a scaffold; it can act like a stent and scaffold the segment but is later resorbed, preventing re-stenosis.

Investigator Vimal Someshwar outlines 30-day findings on stent thrombosis from a study into the performance of the Credence BtK bioresorbable scaffold, a bioresorbable sirolimus-eluting stent for the intra-popliteal artery. Watch as he explains the chemistry behind the hybrid model, which consists of a closed cell at the ends and an open cell design along the shaft of the stent, and summarises the clinical criteria for inclusion in the study.

V. Someshwar sees a “bright future” for this device; learn more about the data on wound healing and target lesion revascularization, and discover what his prediction is based upon…

Credence BtK scaffold can prevent re-stenosis