“Meril” MOZEC-Rx PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Brief:“Meril” MOZEC



Mozec is the Rx PTCA semi-compliant balloon dilatation catheter from Meril, manufactured in-house from tip-to-hub.

• Ultra-low 0.019” distal tip ensures navigations through tight lesions 
• Small abrupt balloon shoulders lower the crossing profile allowing formost competitive crossing ranges.


Distal Shaft Coating

MeriGlideTM - Biocompatible, Hydrophilic, Lubricious Coating distal balloon base up to Rapid Exchange port

less than 4 µm thick. It is non-thrombogenic which resists adsorption of fibrin and platelet adhesion

Distal Shaft Coating


• Excellent Balloon Wrapability
• 2 folds for Ø 1.25 to 2.00 mm
• 3 folds for Ø 2.25 to 4.50 mm 
• Folds are in clock-wise direction when seen from the distal tip
• Special balloon material NovalonTM ensures 
   - Low wrapping profile of folded balloon 
   - Memory retention after serial dilatation 


Inflation / Deflation Time

Best in class inflation time (10 secs) & deflation time (25 secs) for largest configuration 4.50 x 41 mm

Inflation  Deflation Time

Seamless Single Tube Transition

The distal tubing is a single transparent transitioning tube from the end of hypotube.

This allows for superior force transmission without any loss during navigation

FeatherGlideTM - Seamless catheter construction technology allows for exceptionally low tracking forces of 0.35N

FeatherLiteTM - Construction which generates high push transfer capability and reducing the push forces to less than 0.08N

MeriStemTM - Novel Shaft Material increased strength and kink resistance

Seamless Single Tube Transition


• Proprietary unique ergonomic design – Meril’s “sign-of-life” ECG Bubble
  shape, transparent luer hub.

• Etched logos – which allow for slip-free grip.

• Strain relief ensures secure and smooth kink resistant transition towards the
  proximal shaft.

• Batch number and Size dimensions are printed on one side.


Mozec for CTO application

• Small diameters of 1.25 mm and 1.50 mm
• Short lengths starting from 6 mm
• Specially elongated 5mm tip
  - Provides distal stability and support (micro-catheter)
  - Crosses the lesion prior to balloon crossing
• MeriStemTM hypo-tube shaft for enhanced support and pushability 
• MeriStemTM coated hydrophilic distal shafty 
• Two fold balloon with excellent wrap memory
• Single centrally placed swaged zero profile RO marker band

Mozec for CTO application

A World Class PTCA Balloon Catheter Manufactured In A World Class Facility

• Located within Meril’s ultra-modern stent manufacturing facility, MOZEC balloon catheter is built under the guidance from the most experienced in the catheter technology.
• Tip-to-hub, this Rx balloon dilatation catheter is designed for meeting and surpassing the best industry standards.
• Each catheter undergoes 100% in-process quality inspection to detect and weed out the defects at every manufacturing step.
• Thus the final balloon catheter becomes the right means for a meaningful procedure.

Technical Specification

Catheter SystemRapid Exchange (Rx)
Balloon MaterialNovalonTM – Semi-Compliant
Catheter LengthWorking length 142 cm
Total length 149 cm
Guide Catheter Compatibility5F (Min I.D. 0.056” / 1.42 mm)
*Kissing balloon Technique using 2 simultaneous MOZEC Balloons of 3.50 mm
Diameters is possible with a 6F Guide catheter (min I.D. 0.070” / 1.78 mm)
Distal Shaft CoatingMeriGlideTM - Biocompatible, Hydrophillic, Lubricious from distal Balloon Base upto Rapid Exchange port
Balloon RO MarkersPlatinum - Iridium, Swaged and zero profile
1 for Ø 1.25 & 1.50 mm, 2 for mm Ø 2.00 to 4.50 mm
Tip Length5 mm for Ø 1.25 to 2.00 mm, 3.5 mm for Ø 2.25 to 4.50 mm
Tip entry Profile0.019”
Proximal Shaft Diameter1.98 Fr
Distal Shaft Diameter2.4 Fr for Ø 1.25 to 2.00 mm, 2.7 Fr for Ø 2.25 to 4.50 mm
Markers on Proximal ShaftBrachial and Femoral markers 90 cm and 100 cm from Distal Tip.
Nominal Pressure (NP)7 ATM for all diameters
Rated Burst Pressure (RBP)16 ATM Ø 1.25 to 4.00 mm, 14 ATM Ø 4.50 mm


Dia / Length6mm9mm12mm14mm15mm17mm
1.25 mmMOZ12506MOZ12509MOZ12512MOZ12515
1.50 mmMOZ15009MOZ15012MOZ15015
2.00 mmMOZ20009MOZ20012MOZ20015
2.25 mmMOZ22509MOZ22514MOZ22517
2.50 mmMOZ25009MOZ25014MOZ25017
2.75 mmMOZ27509MOZ27514MOZ27517
3.00 mmMOZ30009MOZ30014MOZ30017
3.50 mmMOZ35009MOZ35014MOZ35017
4.00 mmMOZ40009MOZ40014MOZ40017
4.50 mmMOZ45009MOZ45014MOZ45017

Dia / Length20mm25mm30mm33mm38mm41mm
2.25 mmMOZ22520MOZ22525MOZ22530MOZ22533MOZ22538MOZ22541
2.50 mmMOZ25020MOZ25025MOZ25030MOZ25033MOZ25038MOZ25041
2.75 mmMOZ27520MOZ27525MOZ27530MOZ27533MOZ27538MOZ27541
3.00 mmMOZ30020MOZ30025MOZ30030MOZ30033MOZ30038MOZ30041
3.50 mmMOZ35020MOZ35025MOZ35030MOZ35033MOZ35038MOZ35041
4.00 mmMOZ40020MOZ40025MOZ40030MOZ40033MOZ40038MOZ40041
4.50 mmMOZ45020MOZ45025MOZ45030MOZ45033MOZ45038MOZ45041